Savings account

We know living in the Netherlands can be very expensive. That is why it can be very helpful to have a buffer on hand. With our savings account, you can easily build it up.

Savings account

Like all other Dutch banks, we are supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank and so your savings are covered by the Dutch Deposit Guarantee. This means that, if Brand New Day goes bankrupt, your savings with us are protected on behalf of the Dutch government. You’ll be protected for any amount between €0.01 and €100,000, depending on the bank. You don’t have to do anything for this.

By the way, the Brand New Day savings account is for personal use only: so you can’t open a savings account with us in your company’s name.


The interest rate is 1,75% per year, regardless of how much is in the account. We calculate the interest you get daily, based on each full day the money is in the account. We will then credit (or debit) the interest to (or from) your account monthly. The interest rate is variable: so it can rise or fall at any time.We don’t require you to do anything. You can deposit when and how much you want, withdraw when you want and cancel when you want. No obligations. And if you ever need any assistance, Just get in touch.

You can open an account in your own name or in two names. It doesn’t matter who the second account holder is: whether it’s your partner, neighbour or child.

Saving for retirement?

You can also do this with our retirement savings account. There are tax benefits attached to this. Read more about this on our retirement savings account product page.

Any questions left?

One of our experts is ready to help you out. Make an appointment whenever suits you best.


This page has been created for commercial objectives only and does not contain all information.

For additional needed information we would like you to visit our other pages on our website or make a call appointment with our information service desk which is entirely cost-free.

Risk-free investing does not exist. There is a chance of losing your invested amount. Read more about the risks of investing.

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