Pension. Not sexy!

We know. But while it may not be very sexy, it sure is important. And thanks to Alleo and Brand New Day, it’s really easy (and cheap) to secure your financial future. So let us help you get started.

Why should I start saving up for later?

Any penny saved is a penny earned, of course, but you can also profit from a pretty sweet deal with Alleo.

Save a lot of money
To start off, you will save € 70 on opening accounts with us. Whether you open one or ten (different) accounts, you will not be charged any opening fees.
Unlimited help
We are here to make you feel comfortable about your future finances, whether you want to start a full fiscal pension plan, or grow a decent financial buffer for any reason at all. We will take all the necessary time for setting you up and helping you along the way.
Start now, cheer later
The sooner you start, the cheaper your pension gets. This is because of something called compound interest, which will make you really happy later. That is if you’re smart enough to start now.
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Plan a date

It’s your retirement, but we can help you get there. Fix yourself a coffee, make yourself comfortable and ask us anything you want. We will guide you through the different options, calculate your fiscal benefits and (if needed) help you with setting up an account.

Every call is 100% unconditional. You are obligated to absolutely nothing.

If you opt for an investment account, your 30% expat arrangement will not impact the benefit program. Of your 4% salary increase, 30% will not be taxed.

If you choose for the investment retirement account, your year space will be calculated on the basis of 70% of your income, your taxable income. If you would like to have more information about the 30% expat arrangement, feel free to plan an appointment with our pension desk.

If you move to another country within the European Union, you can remain a client with Brand New Day. You can keep your account with us and can even make deposits. And we keep investing your money.

If you move to a country outside the European Union, you may be able to remain our client. It depends on the country. In some cases you can remain a client, but cannot deposit any money. In this case you keep your account with us and we keep investing your money. In other cases you can’t remain a client with us. Please make an appointment with our pension desk to discuss your options.

You can remain a client at Brand New Day. As long as you have year space, you can make deposits in your retirement account. Want to know for sure? Get in contact with us!

Make an appointment with our pension desk and we will contact you to set up your benefit plan. You only need to choose for either a savings account, an investment account or a retirement account. Once you know what you want, we can set you up. Of course we’re more than willing to explain to you all about the different accounts, so you can make the best choice.

Our help is entirely free. Opening an actual account is too, but you may encounter a one-time 45 fee that you have to accept with our general terms and conditions. If that is the case, it will also be mentioned in the default confirmation e-mails from Brand New Day. To be sure: it won’t actually be charged, but is part of our regular onboarding.

When you open an account together with an employee of Brand New Day, we will switch off the costs automatically. No actions needed from you. When you open the account by yourself, please notify us by emailing your new Brand New Day IBAN to [email protected]. We will switch off the costs as soon as we hear from you.

De risico’s van beleggen

Risicoloos beleggen bestaat natuurlijk niet en u kunt een deel van uw inleg verliezen. Lees meer over de risico’s en hoe u die kunt beperken.

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