What Brand New Day does

We’re a neo-bank that challenges other banks when it comes to saving and investing. Our customers open savings or investment accounts with us to create a buffer for the future. They can do this with tax benefits (for a supplementary pension or an annuity payment), or without tax benefits (i.e. ‘regular’ savings and investments).

We don’t believe in ‘fast money’. If you want some excitement and the thrill of spending your money, we are not the right choice. We invest our customers’ money in the best scientific way: low costs, wide diversification, following indexes, looking steadily ahead and whatever happens on the international stock exchanges: keep your fingers out of it. ‘Slow money’ That’s what makes you rich. It just takes a little longer.

At Brand New Day, we offer various accounts, with different (tax) benefits and rules of play. We offer investment products, savings products and pension products, for example. Want to find out more? Check out our range of products.

Check this overview to make sure!

Investment Retirement Account

Retirement? A challenge? Not with Brand New Day. With our retirement accounts, you will be investing in a decent income for later and get a lot of tax benefits in return. The main benefits:

And of course, investing also has its risks: your deposit can increase, but also decrease in value. Get in touch with us now.

geld veilig lijfrente-uitkering
geld veilig lijfrente-uitkering

Investment account

Fed up with negative savings rates? And inflation that only reduces the value of your savings? With our investment account, you will be creating a buffer for the future. The main benefits:

And of course, investing also has its risks: your deposit can increase, but also decrease in value. Get in touch with us now.

Savings account

Like all other Dutch banks, we are supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank and so your savings are covered by the Dutch Deposit Guarantee. This means that, if Brand New Day goes bankrupt, your savings with us are protected on behalf of the Dutch government. You’ll be protected for any amount between €0.01 and €100,000, depending on the bank. You don’t have to do anything for this.

By the way, the Brand New Day savings account is for personal use only: so you can’t open a savings account with us in your company’s name.

The interest rate is 0.10% per year, regardless of how much is in the account. We calculate the interest you get daily, based on each full day the money is in the account. We will then credit (or debit) the interest to (or from) your account monthly. The interest rate is variable: so it can rise or fall at any time.We don’t require you to do anything. You can deposit when and how much you want, withdraw when you want and cancel when you want. No obligations. And if you ever need any assistance, Just get in touch.

You can open an account in your own name or in two names. It doesn’t matter who the second account holder is: whether it’s your partner, neighbour or child.

Saving for retirement? You can also do this with our retirement savings account. There are tax benefits attached to this. Read more about this on our retirement savings account product page.

geld veilig lijfrente-uitkering


Are you planning to relocate? When you move abroad, this usually won’t affect your Brand New Day account(s). However, it is of course important to be aware of any tax implications resulting from the relocation. Here are the 3 options if you relocate abroad while holding a Brand New Day account.

Are you relocating to an EEA country? If so, you can keep your accounts under the condition that you have a Dutch IBAN and BSN.

Are you relocating to a country in this list? Then we unfortunately have to end the relationship and close the account. This has several financial implications. First, you will have to pay back all the tax you received from the Dutch tax authorities. This is 52% of your total amount. In addition, the 2022 surrender limit is €4,607. If the total value of the account exceeds this amount, the tax authorities can charge revision interest of up to 20% of the total surrender value.

Are you relocating to a country not in the list above? Then you should be able to keep your account.

Unsure about whether you can keep your account? Or do you have any other questions? If so, check out the additional conditions or get in touch with the customer service desk.


This page has been created for commercial objectives only and does not contain all information.

For additional needed information we would like you to visit our other pages on our website or make a call appointment with our information service desk which is entirely cost-free.

Risk-free investing does not exist. There is a chance of losing you invested amount. Read more about the risks of investing.

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