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Extra effort now, profit later

Extra effort now, profit later: arranged online

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Years of hard work to enjoy freedom as a retiree. “Financially, it is going to be fine with my retirement, is it? Well, not always. One in three retirees do not receive enough pension to have the same standard of living as before retirement. Let alone carry out all the fancy plans… That is not the case for you, right?

Do I have to do anything right now?

“My pension is so far away.” A common reply. Understandable, but also exactly the reason to gain insight into your pension now. Long before you retire, you still have time to have real influence on your income later on.

Planning your retirement starts with looking at your current situation. We will help you with that. Use the Pension Planner on MyBND and get started right away. In addition to your pension with Brand New Day, you can also add your AOW (National Old Age Pensions Act), previously accrued pensions and your partner’s pension. With the help of data from the Nibud, you will also immediately receive insight into your future expenses. This way you can immediately see whether you will have a pension shortfall later on and you can take action right away!

What can I do for a higher pension?

Good question. Of course you do not want to be one of those three retirees with a pension shortage. One of the possibilities is to deposit extra money for more pension. At Brand New Day you do that at the same low cost. And the Tax and Customs Administration also offer room to do this in a fiscally appealing way.

How do you do that? On MyBND you will find under “Overview” the heading “My pension“. If there is a check mark for the Extra Pension module, then your employer gives you the opportunity to make use of the mentioned benefit from the Tax and Customs Administration. By the way, you yourself decide how much extra you want deposit. The choice is up to you.

Is the Extra Pension module not part of your employer’s pension scheme? Then have a look at the possibilities for building up an individual pension. Our colleagues at Brand New Day Vermogensopbouw can help you with that! Click here to make a call appointment for more information about an individual pension account.

I want to start right away!

That is possible! Go to the ‘Extra Pension‘ tab on MyBND, generate a quote instantly and determine your deposit! If you have any questions, you can chat, e-mail ([email protected]) or call us (020 – 75 85 355). This way you can make sure you will be able to enjoy your pension later on!