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Customers who get to work with their future income

Customers who get to work with their future income

Our campaigns are focused on getting customers into action. By raising interest in and having influence on future income: pension. “At Brand New Day Group pensions, we want to increase our customer’s engagement in their pension. By anticipating on life events or by collaborating with our customers and advisors. That is why we organise an annual campaign for employees who accrue pension with us via their employer,” says Brand New Day Director Jan Willem Hoitsma.

Not just to raise brand awareness, but ultimately to let customers have influence on their future income. “At Brand New Day Group pensions, we therefore work with the 4 I’s of customer communication: interest, information, insight and influence,” adds PPI Marketing and Communication Manager Reinder Busstra.” The first one is quite a challenge, especially with a topic like pension. That is why we wanted to collaborate with one of our customers: Big Green Egg.”

Raising interest by setting up a customer campaign

Brand New Day combined the interest in retirement with a giveaway. If customers took the time to look into their pension, they had a chance to win such a Big Green Egg.” Last year we organised the same campaign. With great success, because more than 20% of the customers clicked on the button to visit our website. A nice result, especially when you know that the benchmark for clicking through from an e-mail is often only 2% to 4%. And do not forget that we are still talking about pension,” says Busstra enthusiastically.

Providing information on our website

“In fact, eventually 15% of all our customers took part in the campaign. After signing up, we provided information about the possibility of depositing extra premiums for a higher pension, so that in the future these customers are also able prepare something tasty on the Big Green Egg, figuratively speaking. This was done via an information page and a confirmation e-mail to the customer. Ultimately, we want customers to consciously influence their pension online via MyBND.”

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Creating insight via an online planner

“And with success”, Busstra refers to the results at MyBND. Definitely in the weeks during the campaign. Eventually, four times as much customers were active on the pension platform than the usual every week. On the platform they gain insight into their pension situation by, for example, comparing their future income and future expenses via the pension planner. By the way, around the time of this campaign the planner was also filled in almost ten times more often than normal.”

Providing influence on MyBND

“Is there a pension shortage? Then customers can contribute extra premiums online for a higher pension income in three steps, carry out a value transfer and change their investment profile,” continues Serge Harten, Customer Journey Manager at Brand New Day. This is not the only campaign to trigger employees to start working on the pension via their employer. For example, since last year, the number of customers who contribute extra premiums has increased by almost 40 percent. An enormous growth. Nevertheless, as a modern pension provider, we must continue to motivate our customers to keep them as involved as possible in their future pension situation .”

Following the 4 I’s of customer communication is therefore important according to Harten. From raising interest to influencing the future situation of retirement. Of course, the Big Green Egg campaign is a good example of this. In e-mails and a survey afterwards, we noticed that customers have really taken an active approach into their future income. By the way, customers rated this campaign with a good 8.

“Something to be proud of,” says Director Jan Willem Hoitsma. “It is amazing to see how we, in good collaboration with pension advisors and with a small and close team, are able to achieve this and always think from the customer’s point of view. Ultimately, the customer wants to be self-reliant, and we are happy to help with that.”

To amaze customers

After a few weeks, and after many applications and customers who really put effort into their pension, we announced the winner. Alex Zwart won the Big Green Egg. “I never win anything,” said the Business Analyst of pension customer Dynamic Credit. The last few years I have been thinking about later. As an individual, I also have a private investment account at Brand New Day.”

And because the collaboration with Big Green Egg was mainly a way of raising interest, Brand New Day also surprised her with a pension consultation with pension advisor Bruijntjes. “What a nice surprise. That helps me in planning my pension for my retirement. Thank you very much!”

Reinder Busstra (on the left) and Serge Harten (on the right) surprised Alex Zwart (in the middle) of Dynamic Credit with the Big Green Egg and a pension consultation provided by pension advisor Bruijntjes.