Step 1 is set!

Now all you have to do is log in to MyBND and you’ll be participating in the summer promotion with Ace & Tate. No further hassle. And are you curious whether your financial future looks sunny? Then this is the moment to look forward into your own pension.

Get started now

We can think of anything to get you interested. And apparently it works with a promotion like this through Ace & Tate, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now. The next move is up to you. Go to MyBND and arrange more pension in a few steps, all online. So you have a financially sunny future in your own hands.

Promotions for and with our customers

We like to keep our costs low for you. That’s why we work together with employers who have arranged their pension schemes with Brand New Day. So we can generate interest in pensions in a fun way. For example, we’ve done a summer promotion with Big Green Egg two years in a row, and now we’re doing it with Ace & Tate. Curious who was the lucky one last summer? Then read on.