Foreign employees

Expats or employees who are (temporary) moving to the Netherlands for work? We offer a solution for these employees as well, including communication in English. Here you will find a quick Q&A that should help you out. If you have a specific question, please just let us know!

1. When can an employee be part of a pension scheme with Brand New Day?

Contrary to popular belief, the employee’s country of residence is not a variable that plays a role in this. However, an employee must meet the following requirements.

1. The employee must have an employment contract under Dutch law.

2. The employee must be subject to Dutch tax legislation.

3. The employee must be subject to Dutch Social Law.


2. The employee will only be in the Netherlands for a short amount of time, do I have to enrol him or her?

Yes, as long as the employee has a Dutch employment contract he or she has to be enrolled just like the other employees. All the premiums are monthly, which means you only pay for the months this employee is in fact working under a Dutch employment contract.

3. What is the 30% ruling?

Employees that are recruited to temporary work in the Netherlands, could under certain circumstances receive a untaxed monthly compensation of max 30% of their income. This compensation is meant to deal with the increased costs of temporary living abroad.


4. How does Brand New Day regard the 30% ruling?

Employees that receive the 30% ruling can obviously participate in the pension scheme as long as they meet the previously mentioned requirements.

The 30% compensation is normally not part of the pensionable salary. Would you like to change that for your company, and include this compensation we could make an addendum to the legal documents.

Since the 30% ruling has a temporary character, a choice can be made to let these employees renounce their pension scheme. If you have any questions regarding this, or want to know what the conditions are, please contact your account manager.

5. Do you have any information about the pension scheme available in English?

We do, in several ways. We have an English overview of the scheme, a Pension 1-2-3, and we offer a English manual to manage your pension scheme, which you can find below. For more information you are always welcome to call our specialists and we are always willing to give a English presentation to explain the pension scheme. Interested? Reach out to us.

6. Do you inform the employees in English??

All information that an employee receives, such as e-mails, newsletters and the online pension platform MyBND are available in English. Other communications, such as value transfers or Pension Extra quotes, can be delivered in English on demand. We keep updating this.


7. What happens with the accumulated pension capital when the employee moves abroad?

We keep on investing the pension capital until the pensionable age. Even if the employee has left the Netherlands. With the accumulated capital, a lifelong pension income can be bought.

8. Will the pension income be paid out abroad?

Good question, since not all insurance allow a cross border payment structure. We found a solution together with our insurer a.s.r. Employees that accumulated their pension with Brand New Day will be able to get their pension income paid out abroad. How this works? We have a Dutch whitepaper about that below, but feel free to call us if you don’t understand.


9. Can the pension capital be transferred abroad, or taken from a foreign pension providor?

In most cases that is no problem. At least Brand New Day will cooperate with the international value transfer. Unfortunately that is not the only requirement to be able to transfer the money. Both countries have to recognise the schemes as a pension scheme. Contact your pension advisor or us if you have any questions.

Any other questions?

Just let us know, contact one of our specialists about international employers and employees. Do so on [email protected] or call to 020 – 75 85 370.